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[TOEIC] Reading Comprehension (Đọc hiểu) – Test 6

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Questions 1-3

Mr. S. Kayasit, president
Golden Crown Resorts
31/66 Rays Road
Patong Beach
Phuket 83150

Dear Mr. Kayasit:

Thank you Vera much for offering me the position of Properties Agent for your office in Phuket. I appreciate your discussing the details of the position with me and giving me time to consider your offer. I also enjoyed meeting Mr. Van Vliet, the current Properties Agent in Phuket

You have a fine organization and there are many aspects of the position which are very appealing to me. However, I believe it is in our mutual heat interest that I decline your kind offer. I have decided to accept a position as the Sales Director for a smaller company located in Kyoto. This has been a difficult decision for me, hut I believe it is the appropriate one for my career and family at this time.

I want to thank you for the consideration and courtesy shown to me. It was a pleasure meeting you and Mr. Puapondh, the head of Operations.

Ryusuke Hayashida

1. Why was this letter written?
A. To accept a new position
B. To turn down a job offer
C. To discuss employment opportunities
D. To request further information from the personnel office

2. Who offered the opportunity for employment?
A. The Company President
B. The Head of Operations
C. The Properties Agent
D. The Sales Director

3. Who does NOT work for Golden Crown Resorts?
A. Mr. Van Vliet
B. Mr. Kayasit
C. Mr. Hayashida
D. Mr. Puapondh

Questions 4-5

All computer disks must be scanned Immediately upon entry to this building. Standard Chemical Company policy prohibits the possession of any personal disks on site. Disks authorized for business must be declared, accompanied by a pass, and scanned for viruses. When entering the facility, failure to declare disks will result in confiscation. The term “disk” refers to any computer-data medium.

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4. Where would this notice most likely be seen?
A. In a health clinic
B. At a computer terminal
C. At the entrance of Standard Chemical.
D. In the company cafeteria

5. What will happen ifs disk is not declared?
A. It will be erased.
B. It will be scratched.
C. It will be duplicated.
D. It will be taken away

Questions 6-7

New Terminal
For Digili

DlGlLl- Chaldea’s Ministry of Planning and Investment has proposed building a new terminal at Digili International Airport The Economic Time said the project would cost between US $180 million and $195 million, more than half of which would came from overseas. The plan calls for building a terminal that can process at least eight million passengers a year.
The ministry’s proposal also calls for enlargement of the existing terminal to handle five million passengers a year. Late last year. the Aviation Science Institute unveiled an ambitious plan to renovate the country’s four existing airports and build as many as six new airports.

6. Where is most of the funding for the project coming from?
A. The Economic Tines
B. The Chaldean Ministry of Planning and Investment
C. International investors
D. The Digili Airport Authority

7. What is NOT included in the proposal?
A. Investing at least US $180 million
B. Increasing the size of an existing building
C. Constructing more than five new airports
D. Demolishing the old terminal at Digili


1B, 2A, 3C, 4D, 5D, 6C, 7D

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