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[TOEIC] Reading Comprehension (Đọc hiểu) – Test 9

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Questions 1-3

This week Merrymaker Cruise lines has filed a $700 million lawsuit against Wambaugh Marine Industries, a shipyard that filed for bankruptcy last November before completing a three-ship contract for Merrymaker. The Suit contends that Merrymaker suffered $400 million in additional construction costs arid lost passenger bookings and also seeks $300 million in punitive damages. In 1987, Merrymaker signed the $600 million contract with Wambaugh for three 2,600 passenger ships, but the bankruptcy halted all work at the shipyard. The Suit also contends that the yard misrepresented its financial condition in order to get the Merrymaker contract.

1. What had Wambaugh agreed to do?
A. Provide 2.600 passengers
B. Build three ships
C. File suit against Merrymaker
D. Revise the Merrymaker contract

2. What was the value of the Wambaugh Merrymaker agreement?
A. $300 million
B. $400 million
C. $600 million
D. $700 million

3. Why did work stop at the shipyard?
A. Costs of materials were too high.
B. Passenger bookings had decreased.
C. The shipyard filed for bankruptcy.
D. The ships were completed.

Questions 4-5

If you need to cancel or change your reservation for this tour, we will refund your deposit, in full, up to thirty days prior to departure. If you need to cancel your reservation after thirty days, no refund is possible, but you may sell your place or send a friend in your place. All group reservations are subject to a 90-day cancellation policy.

4. What percentage of the deposit will be refunded with a 30-day cancellation notice?
A. 0
B. 30
C. 90
D. 100

5. What is suggested as an afternative to cancellation?
A. Joining a group tour
B. Giving your place to a friend
C. Traveling 30 days earlier
D. Sending in a refund request.

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Questions 6-8

We would like to welcome you to the XVZ Machinery Company’s international Symposium. As you ore aware, XVZ employees from over twenty countries are in affordance at this year’s conference. if you would like to meet your counterparts from other Countries on a more personal level be sure to sign up at the registration desk for special dinners, lunches, or breakfast meetings that are described below. Whether you are in Personnel Sales. Management. or Research, you’ll be able to discuss topics of common interest with colleagues of diverse backgrounds. Find out what your Indian. Japanese.. or Moroccan counterpart con suggest for your department’s current problems. Help your French, Colombian, or Russian colleague with a problem that you’ve tackled before. Take advantage of this rare opportunity to collaborate with your international partners. All meetings will be held In Lounge B.


Monday Breakfast Legal Implications of Establishing Branch Offices in Asia

Tuesday Lunch Technologies in the Former Soviet Republics.

Wednesday Dinner International Personnel issues

Thursday Breakfast New Markets in Western Europe

6. Who is the conference aimed at?
A. International politicians
B. People learning foreign languages
C. International chefs
D. Employees of a machinery company

7. What is the purpose of the notice?
A. To give a list of participants
B. To indicate room changes
C. To announce special events
D. To cancel several sessions

8. Which session would most likely deal with human resources?
A. Monday breakfast
B. Tuesday lunch
C. Wednesday dinner
D. Thursday breakfast


1B, 2C, 3C, 4D, 5D, 6D, 7C, 8C

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