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[TOEIC] Incomplete sentences – Test 7

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 Cập nhật lần cuối: 10/09/2023 lúc 10:13:24
Thể loại: Tiếng Anh, TOEIC 


1. The new insurance plan is especially ………. with employees who have families.
A. popularized
B. popular
C. populated
D. popularity

2. You should check your messages ……….
A. as soon as
B. twice a day
C. seldom
D. rarely

3. The operator ………. Mr. Smith if she knew where to reach him.
A. will call
B. had called
C. called
D. would call

4. The company ………. spouses of employees in the invitation to the banquet.
A. are included
B. have included
C. is including
D. has including

5. We cannot process the order ………. we get a copy of the purchase order.
A. because
B. that
C. until
D. when

6. The package should arrive ………. Tuesday.
A. in
B. on
C. over
D. at

7. The company has quit ………. in that magazine.
A. to advertise
B. advertise
C. advertising
D. advertisement

8. Hiring temporary workers can be very……….
A. economize
B. economically
C. economy
D. economical

9. Mr. Ho’s assistant ………. his mail while he was away.
A. will answer
B. answered
C. answers
D. answering

10. The bookcase is ………. the door.

A. beside
B. among
C. between
D. across


1B, 2B, 3D, 4C, 5C, 6B, 7C, 8D, 9B, 10A

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