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[TOEIC] Reading Comprehension (Đọc hiểu) – Test 1

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Thể loại: Tiếng Anh, TOEIC 

Questions 1-3

The majority of top managers work moat productively outside standard working hours. This per a recent survey by Jefferson Watch Corporation of 100 chief executives of the top 500 companies in the country. The morning hours before other employees arrive were favored by 43 executives, while 18 preferred to work alter the other employees had left. Among those who considered normal working hours to he their most productive, 75% favored mornings over afternoons. 115% of those surveyed said that they worked at home in the evenings, and 65% worked over the weekends.

1. Who participated in the survey?
A. Jefferson’s too one hundred managers
B. Presidents from each of five hundred companies
C. One hundred executives of the top firms in the nation
D. Forty-three leaders of the watch Industry

2. What did the survey reveal?
A. When executives do their best work
B. How many hours most businesses are open
C. What brands of watches top managers wear
D. How close workers lived to their jobs

3. What percentage of those surveyed work on Saturdays or Sundays?
A. 43
B. 65
C. 75
D. 85

Questions 4-5

RO. Box 325
Dallas, Texas
William j Farrell
7 Waverly Street
Edinburgh, Scotland
Return this portion with your check US $50 Annual US $600 Lifetime US $25 Initiation Fee (Due in ‘addition to Annual or Lifetime payment if renewal payment not received within 60 days of expiration of present membership.)
Enclosed is my check for $ _____________ made payable to Captains Club
Please issue a courtesy card for my spouse:
(Print full name of spouse)







$50 BEFORE 09/01

$75 AFTER 09/01
Please indicate address changes on reverse side

4. What is this form?
A. An airline ticket
B. A check
C. A membership card
D. An invoice

5. What should be written on the back of the form?
A. Membership card number
B. Job title
C. Spouse’s name
D. New address

Questions 6-7

Statistics for die lodging industry worldwide were mixed last year. as total revenue was up 20.7% on a per-room basis while occupancy was down 5.5% from the previous year. Payroll and related expenses soared 35.3%, while the average daily rate per occupied room rose 25.5% to $59.20. Sharp increases in the median total sales per available room were recorded in Africa. Asia, Australia, Central America, Mexico and the United States.

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6. Which of the following statements is true about the hotel industry last year?
A. More statistical reports were issued than in the previous year
B. Wages of hotel workers decreased by 5.5%
C. Fewer hotel rooms were rented than in the previous year
D. The average room rate was $35.30

7. Where did total room sales NOT increase significantly?
A. Canada
B. Africa
C. Central America
D. The United States

Questions 8-10

A $100 deposit per person is required for the 5-day course and $50 per person for the 2 day course. Deposits are refundable if notice of cancellation is received at least 14 days prior to reservation period, less a $10 handling charge. Deposit will not be refunded if cancellation is received less than 14 days prior to reservation period. Deposit may be transferred to another session if notice of change is received at least 7 days prior to original date of enrollment. Transfer of deposit to another session Is contingent upon availability of space in that session.

8. Which of the following would be the best heading for this notice?
A. Procedures for Depositing Checks
B. Availability of Registration Forms
C. Spring Course Offerings
D. Policy on Withdrawals

9. How much most you pay if you cancel your registration three weeks before a session begins?
A. Nothing
B. $5
C. $10
D. $50

10. What determines if your deposit can be transferred to a different course?
A. If you have paid the handling charge
B. If there is any space left in the second course
C. If the first course is canceled because of low enrollment
D. If your original space can be fitted


1C, 2A, 3B, 4D, 5D, 6C, 7A, 8D, 9C, 10B

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