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[TOEFL iBT] Danh sách từ vựng – Vần G

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To trim or decorate – dishes garnished attractively with greens.

Synonyms: adorn, deck


A record of a person’s or a family’s ancestors or relatives – an interesting genealogy, including saints and sinners.

Synonym: lineage


Origin – chemistry, which had its genesis in alchemy.

Synonym: inception


To make gestures, or indicate feelings by. motions – gesticulated wildly to show his distress.


Horrible, deathlike – a ghastly disaster which shocked the world.

Synonyms: gruesome, grisly, pallid, macabre, grim, lurid


(variant spelling: JIBE): To laugh at; to utter with scorn – gibed at his enemy mercilessly.

Synonyms: mock, sneer, jeer, scoff, flout, deride (adj.: derisive), rail, taunt


Smooth-spoken, fluent – a glib liar, distorting the truth effortlessly.


(noun. GLUTTON; verb: GLUT): Inclined to cat to excess – gulped down his food in gluttonous fashion.

Synonyms:voracious, intemperate


(noun): A very thin gauzelike fabric or structure – a poem so delicate that it seemed an unreal gossamer.

(adj.): Thin and light – the gossamer wings of a dragon fly.

Synonyms: diaphanous, flimsy, gauzelike Antonyms: substantial, ponderous


Habitually fond of associating in a company or herd – gregarious sheep; that gregarious animal, man.

Antonyms:lone, aloof


A distortion of the face to express an attitude or feeling – a grimace that was more expressive than words.

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