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52 từ vựng GRE thông dụng nhất

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Danh sách 52 từ vựng GRE thông dụng mà bất cứ ai học và thi GRE đều phải nắm vững. Các từ này thường xuyên xuất hiện trong bài thi GRE vì vậy bạn hãy cố gắng nắm vững nhé.

anomaly – noun – something that is unusual or unexpected
equivocal – adj. – not easily understood or explained
lucid – adj. – very clear and easy to understand
precipitate – verb – to cause (something) to happen quickly or suddenly
assuage – verb – to make (an unpleasant feeling) less intense
erudite – adj. – having or showing great knowledge
opaque – adj. – not able to be seen through; not easily understood
prodigal – adj. – wastefully extravagant
enigma – noun – a person or thing that is mysterious, puzzling, or difficult to understand
fervid – adj. – intensely enthusiastic or passionate
placate – verb – to make (someone) less angry or hostile
zeal – noun – a strong feel of interest and enthusiasm that makes someone very eager or determined to do something
abstain – verb – to restrain oneself for doing or enjoying something
audacious – adj. – a willingness to take bold risks / adj. – showing a lack of respect
desiccate – verb – remove the moisture from (something)
gullible – adj. – easily persuaded to believe something
laudable – adj. – deserving praise and commendation
pedant – noun – a person who makes an excessive display of learning
vacillate – verb – to waver between different opinions or actions
adulterate – verb – to make (something) impure or weaker by adding something of inferior quality
capricious – adj. – given to sudden changes of mood or behavior
engender – verb – to produce, cause, or give rise to (something)
homogenous – adj. – of the same or similar kind
loquacious – adj. – tending to talk a great deal
pragmatic – adj. – dealing with the problems that exist in a reasonable and logical way instead of depending on theories
volatile – adj. – likely to change rapidly and unpredictably
apathy – noun – lack of interest, enthusiasm, or concern
corroborate – verb – to confirm or make more certain
ephemeral – adj. – lasting for a very short time
laconic – adj. – using few words
mitigate – verb – make less severe, serious, or painful
propriety – noun – the state or quality of being correct or proper
advocate – verb – publicly recommend or support
cacophony – noun – a harsh, unpleasant mixture of sounds
enervate – verb – cause (someone or something) to feed drained of energy; weaken
ingenuous – adj. – innocent and unsuspecting
misanthrope – noun – a person who dislikes humankind
paradox – noun – a statement that contradicts itself but might be true
venerate – verb – regard with great respect
antipathy – noun – a strong feeling of dislike
deride – verb – to express contempt for; ridicule
eulogy – noun – a speech that praises someone, typically some who has recently died
lethargic – adj. – lacking energy
obdurate – adj. – stubbornly refusing to change one’s opinion
philanthropic – adj. – seeking to promote the welfare of others
waver – verb – to go back and forth between choices or opinions
bolster – verb – to support or strengthen
dissonance – noun – a lack of harmony or agreement
garrulous – adj. – excessively talkative
malleable – adj. – easily influenced; pliable
ostentation – noun – excessive display of wealth
prevaricate – verb – avoid telling the truth by not directly answering a question

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Mỗi từ vựng đều có các từ đồng nghĩa và ví dụ đi kèm, bạn có thể học thêm các từ đồng nghĩa để mở rộng vốn từ của mình đồng thời tạo sự liên kết giữa các từ vựng để có thể nhớ từ lâu và dai hơn. Nếu tính học cả từ đồng nghĩa trong bài, bạn có đến vài trăm từ GRE cần học trong bài này.

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