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[TOEFL iBT] Danh sách từ vựng – Vần J

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Confused, unintelligible, meaningless talk; special vocabulary used only by members of a group or trade – Variety, a newspaper written in theatrical jargon.

Synonyms: gibberish, argot, cant


Having an air of easy carelessness or liveliness – walked with a jaunty step.

Synonyms: sprightly, airy, gay, nonchalant, debonair

Antonyms: somber, staid


Danger – His life was in jeopardy.

Synonyms: hazard, peril


To throw overboard (as cargo); to throw off (as a burden or something in the way )- jettisoned their old candidate as a political liability.


Wise; using or exhibiting good judgment – a well-chosen plan, termed judicious by all.

Synonyms:discreet, politic, discerning

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