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[TOEIC] Reading Comprehension (Đọc hiểu) – Test 10

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Questions 1-2

An auction for The estate of Martina Jovanovich has been set for Saturday, July 19, at 12:00 noon. (Preview starts at 10:00a.m.)

Location: The Jovanovich residence at 433 Walnut Drive Some of the Items to be auctioned:
• 1997 Sports Car
• Horns Queen Appliances
• Oriental Carpets
• Stamp Collection
• Hand-Carved wooden Boxes. Dolls and Utensils
• China Teacups from Colonial America
• Antique Furnishings
Parking three blocks south. In the Municipal Building lot at 119 Walnut Drive

Questions? Please call Estate Planners Associates 546-7000. The Jovanovich request that you do not phone their home.

1. What event is being advertised?
A. A party for the Jovanovich family
B. A fund raising event at the Municipal Building
C. A sale of the possessions of Manina Jovanovich
D. A private viewing of museum pieces

2. Where will the event be held?
A. At the Municipal Building
B. At 433 Walnut Drive
C. At the Estate Planners Associates office
D. In the city parking lot

Questions 3-5

Name of Business
Date / Closed
Cited for closing
Mandy’s 910 l2th St.
Inadequate ventilation
Improper food storage
Valley Restaurant 815 23fd Ave.
Plumbing fixtures in poor repair No certified food supervisor
Market Grill 770 Golden Rd.
No certified food supervisor
Improper food temperature
Peppo 104 Main St. (food sales section only)
Operating without a health department permit
Inadequate refrigeration
Lawville’s 872 N. Jackson St.
No hot water
Unclean food contact surfaces

3. Why are these establishments closed?
A. They are In violation of the building code
B. They have been cited for unsanitary conditions.
C. They are undergoing renovations.
D. They are open for only pan of the year.

4. Which business will remain partially open?
A. Peppo Mart
B. Valley Restaurant
C. Mandy’s
D. Lawville’s

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5. What should the Valley Restaurant do?
A. Check its sinks and pipes
B. Offer takeout service
C. Change its menu
D. Renew its permit

Questions 6-8

TO: All Office Employees
FROM: Ruth Crawford
RE: New Phone System
DATE: May 22

As you know, we badly need to modernize Our communications system. I have enclosed with this memo some descriptions of phone systems sent by sales representatives. Please read the materials carefully and send your recommendations to me.

The system should be able to handle at least one hold line and -eight extension lines. My 9pinion it that a built-in answering machine is necessary. Conference calls and speed-dialing features are now standard in many systems and could prove useful.

At the present time our office uses twelve phones, and although we do not have a fixed limit for the unit price. it should he mid-range. Recommendations should be in my office by the end of the week 50 an order can be placed through Supplies and Equipment by the first of the month.


6. What does the memo discuss?
A. Holding a conference on telecommunications
B. Repairing old telephone units
C. Communicating by telephone less frequently
D. Choosing a new telephone system

7. What should people do after reading the memo?
A. Organize a conference to discuss the matter
B. Order new phones right away
C. Notify Ruth Crawford of a preference
D. Contact Supplies and Equipment as soon as possible

8. What is a criterion for selecting equipment?
A. Use of standard colors
B. One hold line and at least eight extension lines
C. Separate answering machine
D. Low price per unit


1C, 2B, 3B, 4A, 5A, 6D, 7C, 8B

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