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[TOEIC] Reading Comprehension (Đọc hiểu) – Test 5

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Questions 1-5

Suarez Drilling Corporation
1217 Isabella Avenue, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Ms. I Ursula Kahanian
Dienst and Klein Auditors
1001 Wellington Avenue
Toronto, (Ontario
Dear Ms. Kahanian;
We will be pleased to welcome you to our headquarters for the yearend auditing procedures.
Paula Jenkins tells us that you will arrive in Buenos Aires on flight BA 209 on Monday, January 30, at 10:10 a.m. I have instructed my assistant, Carmen Sierra, to drive you directly to our main office and make sure that all the arrangements for your stay are satisfactory. We will put a computer terminal at your disposal in a private office. should you have any special requirements, I would appreciate it if you would phone or fax us to let us know before your arrival
We have booked a room at the Santa Catalina Hotel in the center of town, which serves breakfast and dinner. Alternatively, we can recommend many fine restaurants in the center of town. We have arranged for you to have prepaid lunches at our staff cafeteria. Ms. Sierra will take care of the transport arrangement for your return to the airport on Friday the third.
I look forward to meeting you next month.
Financial Director

1. Why is Ms. Kahanian going to Buenos Aires?
A. To visit a drilling site
B. To upgrade a computer system
C. To conduct an audit
D. To review various restaurants

2. Why might it be necessary for Ms. Kahanian to contact Mr. Ortiz prior to her arrival?
A. To arrange to use a computer
B. To tell him her flight number
C. To reserve hotel accommodations
D. To find out if she will have access to a copy machine

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3. Where will Ms. Kahanian probably have her midday meals?
A. At the Suarez Drilling headquarters
B. At the Santa Catalina Hotel
C. In one of the town’s restaurants
D. At a local coffee shop

4. Who invites Ms. Kahanian for an audit?
A. Financial director
B. Personel director
C. Sales manager
D. Head of operation

5. What date will she return?
A. 3rd Friday
B. 1st Thursday
C. 2nd Firday
D. 4th Saturday


1C, 2D, 3A, 4A, 5A

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