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[TOEFL iBT] Danh sách từ vựng – Vần T

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Real; actual – tangible gains which may be seen. and counted.

Synonyms: material, veritable, perceptible, substantial


Equivalent – an act that is tantamount to treason.


(verb). To reproach with contempt – taunted him with the charge of failure to act promptly.

Synonyms: mock, twit, gibe, sneer, deride

(noun): An insulting, jeering, or bitter remark – hurled taunts at his foes.


In abundance, fertile, highly productive – the teeming tropics, rank with vegetation.

Synonyms: swarming, fruitful, fecund, abounding


Unwise or reckless boldness – leaped into battle with thoughtless temerity.

Synonyms: audacity, presumptuousness, effrontery, rashness;

(adj.) temerarious, foolhardy, venturesome

Antonyms: prudence, circumspection, wariness


Worldly, as opposed to spiritual; existing for a time only – a man preoccupied with temporal matters.

Synonyms: mundane, secular, civil


To delay or refuse to commit oneself in order to gain time – temporized while his friends hurried to his aid.

Synonym: equivocate


A principle of belief held as true – a tenet of religion which be maintained loyally.

Synonyms: creed, doctrine, dogma


Slender; not substantial; of slight importance – clung desperately to his tenuous hope.


Calm; peaceful – a tranquil summer night.

Synonyms: placid, serene

Antonyms: perturbed, ruffled, turbulent


To break a law or command; to violate a moral principle; to overstep a moral bound or limit – transgressed the bounds of decency; transgressed the law.


Trembling – tremulous with fright.

Synonym: quivering


Of little – importance – a trivial offense.

Synonym: paltry

Antonyms: gross, momentous


(noun: TRUCULENCE): Cruel, fierce; harsh; threatening or intimidating savagely – a dispute marked by a truculent attitude on both sides.

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(1) Swollen, inflated – turgid rivers overflowing their banks.

Synonyms: bloated, distended

(2) Using big or high-sounding words – a turgid prose style.

Synonyms: pompous, bombastic, prolix

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