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[TOEIC] – Error recognition (tìm lỗi sai) – Test 6

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Thể loại: TOEIC 

General Instructions:

  • Carefully examine each sentence provided.
  • Pay attention to grammar, vocabulary, word choice, and sentence structure.
  • Select the option (A, B, C, or D) that contains the error you have identified.
  • There is no need to rewrite the sentence; simply indicate the letter corresponding to the error.
  • You will have a limited amount of time to complete this section, so manage your time wisely.
  • If you are unsure about a particular sentence, make your best guess and proceed to the next one.


Question 1: The team have won the championship three times.
a) The
b) team have
c) won the championship
d) three times

Question 2: She enjoys to read books in her spare time.
a) She enjoys
b) to read
c) books in her spare time
d) No error

Question 3: Neither of the candidates have submitted their applications yet.
a) Neither of
b) candidates
c) have submitted
d) their applications

Question 4: The company’s goal is to reducing carbon emissions.
a) The company’s
b) goal is to
c) reducing carbon emissions
d) No error

Question 5: I’m looking forward to meet you at the conference.
a) I’m looking forward
b) to meet you
c) at the conference
d) No error

Question 6: Despite the heavy traffic, he arrived on time.
a) Despite
b) the heavy traffic
c) he arrived
d) on time

Question 7: Her salary is higher than her brother.
a) Her
b) salary is
c) higher than
d) her brother

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Question 8: The manager asked me that I finish the report by Friday.
a) The manager
b) asked me
c) that I finish
d) the report by Friday

Question 9: They was very surprised by the news.
a) They
b) was very
c) surprised by
d) the news

Question 10: The conference was held at the luxury hotel, isn’t it?
a) The conference
b) was held at
c) the luxury hotel
d) isn’t it?


1B, 2B, 3C, 4C, 5B, 6D, 7D, 8C, 9B, 10D

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