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[TOEIC] – Error recognition (tìm lỗi sai) – Test 4

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Thể loại: Tiếng Anh, TOEIC 


1. The recently announcement about government incentives for foreign investments attracted the attention of the board.
A. The recently
B. about
C. foreign investments
D. the attention of the board

2. One of the reasons that our founder went into the retail business were to meet the growing demand for reliable services.
A. One of the reasons
B. went into
C. were
D. reliable services

3. We are a mid-sized company that does it business in the domestic market, but our ambition is to grow and enter the international market.
A. a mid-sized company
B. it
C. domestic market
D. is to grow

4. The board decided opening a new business which will give the necessary support to the IT arm of the group.
A. opening
B. which
C. necessary support
D. arm of the group

5. The outsourcing of part of our production to developing countries have been a way of reducing production costs.
A. The outsourcing of part
B. developing countries
C. have been
D. of reducing

6. The more difficult part of running a business is keeping up-to-date with the client’s needs and desires.
A. The more difficult part
B. running a business
C. keeping up-to-date
D. client’s needs and desires

7. The increase in imports from consumer goods has had an impact on the balance of trade.
A. The increase
B. imports from
C. has had
D. on

8. Our main crop in the region is wheat; currently we are one of the country’s largest producer.
A. Our main crop
B. is
C. we are one of
D. largest producer

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9. The shortage of cooking gas in North Korea raised prices: an example of how the law of supply and demand also apply to planned economies.
A. The shortage of
B. raised
C. an example of
D. apply

10. Regions of extraordinary employment growth have been identified; however, it is too early to speculate at the reasons for this.
A. extraordinary employment growth
B. have been
C. too early
D. at


1A, 2C, 3B, 4A, 5C, 6A, 7B, 8D, 9D, 10D

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